Strong and durable partition walls

High foot traffic in a building often means potential abuse, for office buildings the placing and moving of furniture and equipment may damage the wall surface and crowds can result in substantial loads and impacts. For all these reasons it is important to design partition walls that will withstand impact and remain fit for purpose and aesthetically acceptable with minimal maintenance. This helps to reduce the inconvenience and also maintenance costs over the life span of the building.

The Eurobond Firemaster panel system provides a durable, impact resistant solution to meet all these requirements and is now backed by independent testing. Add to this the superior fire resistance of up to four hours, fast build rate, minimum waste, and price competiveness; it is easy to see how Firemaster is becoming the product of choice.

In tests by an accredited laboratory Firemaster wall panels have achieved a BS 5234-2: 1992 Severe Duty Rating. The wall panels performed exceptionally well under tests that determine panel stiffness and resistance to impacts, door slamming and crowd pressure. On all counts, the Firemaster panels sustained little or no damage, well below the levels allowed.

Severe Duty is the top rating achieved by conventional built up stud and board partitions, demonstrating Firemaster's suitability as an alternative to traditional construction.



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